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  • Elizabeth Little

The Mary Quant Documentary You Should Watch This Month

Mary Quant arriving to The Netherlands to judge “Miss Mini-Mode 1966.” Image part of the public domain in part with the National Archives of The Netherlands.

The mini skirt is the most influential fashion item ever created. Or, at least, that’s what I argued in 10th grade history class. Whether it’s the little black dress or even just the classic denim jean, the most influential fashion item will always be up for debate. However, with the release of the documentary Quant, it seems that the fashion world may be finally agreeing on the importance of the mini skirt.

Mary Quant is a self-taught designer but became one of the most influential fashion designers of the 1960s. Opening her boutique Bazaar in 1955, she immediately became a smash hit among London shoppers. By the time the ‘60s came around, she was listening to what her customers wanted and embraced that youth culture that was taking storm. Whilst the question of who exactly created the mini skirt is still a hotly debated topic to this day (some say French designer André Courreges was the true creator, while other insist Quant was), Quant no doubt popularised the style to the masses. She kept her designs simple and relatively inexpensive allowing anyone who wanted to a Quant girl could.

Though Quant herself doesn’t make an appearance in the documentary (Covid prevented the 91 year old from filming any potential segments), many other famous faces do show up. From super model Kate Moss to British Vogue’s editor in chief Edward Enninful, numerous names from the industry appear to pay their thanks to the legendary designer. The industry cameos along with re-enactments of Mary Quant in her studio make for a fun debut from director Sadie Frost.

Quant is out in cinemas now.


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