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  • Elizabeth Little

Skip Primark this Season, Make a Beret Instead

@_femke_vb on Instagram

Winter has arrived this year, and in order to save our ears from falling off, hats have gone from accessory to essential. But rather than supporting a fast fashion store this December, why not make one yourself? Thanks to our friend, Femke, who happily provided us with a tutorial.

The Making of a Beret

(seam allowance not included)

By Femke Van Bruinessen

1. Measure head (mine is 21 inches/53.5 cm)

2. Do math

3. Add how many inches you want to your head your head radius. I added two inches.

4. This means r of the full circle equals 5.5 inches.

5. Cut out circular pieces (keep the middle, that can be used for the stalk/spike/stub).

6. Also cut out a strip to make bias tape (your head circumference or move if you want to make a bow)(I cut out 21 + 18 = 39 inches)

7. If your fabric isn’t very sturdy, maybe add interfacing to the circles.

8. Sew circles together, right sides together, finish seam off with a zigzag stitch and make cuts to allow for the curve.

9. Press with iron.

10. Sew bias tape to inner edge.

11. Sew tube right sides together from inner circle, turn inside out, fold, and hand sew on top.

And there you will have a beret! Femke was also kind enough to make a video tutorial for us. Make sure to follow @amelias_bloomers on Tiktok, so you never miss out on any future sewing guides!


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