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  • Elizabeth Little

The 5 Fashion Tiktokers Who Need an Invite to Next Year's Met Gala

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The recent reveal of the annual Met Gala’s invite list left many to wonder, why was it these influencers were being invited to fashion’s most prestigious night out? While the debate of influencers and whether or not they should be, well, influencing is for another discussion, it’s true they hold an incredible amount of power in today’s social media led world. While everyone may not agree on Addison Rae’s controversial invite to tonight’s event, here are five fashion tiktokers who really know what they’re talking about (and should maybe be considered for next year’s invite list).

1) @FashionBoy

Blue check official, Benji is here to be fashion’s fairy godmother. This London based tiktoker is incredibly knowledgeable of the fashion world, covering everything from 20th century designers, recent runways, to emerging designers. Watching just a few of his videos will make any viewer sound like an expert. Not one to hold back an opinion either, Fashionboy isn’t afraid to spill some fashion tea, express his disappointment in Shein’s new fashion competition show, and comically react to Dolce & Gabbana’s unfortunate weather at their most recent runway show.

2) @OldLoserinBrooklyn

Mandy is a New York City trend cycle analyst who will be able to tell you exactly how long your new House of Sunny dress will be trendy for. Though she began her Tiktok career as a chainmail artist (and an impressive one at that), Mandy began to truly make a name for herself when she started reminiscing early 2010’s fashion. Now she analyses the trend cycles, gives tips on building a trendless yet still fashionable wardrobe, and discusses controversial topics within the fashion industry, from #cheugy to the death of the #girlboss.

3) @TheRoyalWardrobe

Rosie Harte, the brain behind The Royal Wardrobe, is the one to go to for fashion history. Need a fact about The Crown Jewels? She’s got you covered. Curious about skincare in the 18th and 17th centuries? She has an answer! While royal history is obviously her specialty, Rosie is also great about relating fashion history back to things happening today, like the historical art influences on Halsey’s new album to an analysis of the most recent royal wedding dresses.

4) @TheDigiFairy

The Digital Fairy is a creative team who are experts in fashion strategy and business. Not only do they collaborate with brands we all know and love to create new and engaging content specifically aimed for the Gen-Z market (think Nike, Adidas, and Estée Lauder just to name a few), they are experts at spotting and analysing new micro-trends. With Gen-Z being their main audience, @thedigifairy has created content on Tiktok catered to their interests like analysing the remerging popularity of Y2K tops or how the colour green seems to have captivated an entire generation. But most importantly they’ve expertly crafted the aesthetic of their branding to be swoon-worthy for their target audience.

5) @Wisdm8

You can’t talk about fashion on Tiktok and not mention Wisdom Kaye. Even Vogue agrees by calling him “the best dressed guy on Tiktok,” although I may argue he’s one of the best dressed people on the whole app. An expert in styling, he can turn anything and everything into an Instagramable ‘fit. Now signed with IMG Models, the only plausible explanation as to why we won’t be seeing him at this year’s Met Gala is that his invite was lost in the mail. Let’s hope we see him gracing the famous red carpet this time next year.


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