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  • Elizabeth Little

Olivia Annabelle is the Designer for Channelling Our Inner Art Historian

Image via Olivia Annabelle

Fast fashion is everywhere these days, and sometimes it feels like no matter how hard we try to better our habits, it’s out of our control. Olivia Welsh is here to change that. Olivia Annabelle Welsh is a slow-fashion designer based out of Manchester in the UK and founded her eponymous brand in 2018. Inspired by nostalgia and British folklore, Olivia’s whimsical designs are made as sustainably as she can. By only producing two to three collections per year, she’s able to cut down on waste and in 2020 she phased out polyester from her collections completely. The brand now only uses natural fabrics that are often original patterns which beautifully compliment the romantic designs inspired by the days gone by.

We talked with Olivia Annabelle who gave us the rundown on her newest collection, The Isle of Avalon, and the inspirations behind it.

Enter the world of legends, dragons, mythological creatures and magic. Inspired by the local folklore of Alderley Edge Forest and its resident wizard, our jewel toned prints this season take on the form of ancient season take on the form of ancient stories, retrieving swords from mysterious lakes, Welsh tales of dragons with acts of chivalry and bravery. Paired with classic tartans, regal elements and William Morris inspired symbolism to evoke this mystical style.
To encapsulate the romance of this theme we looked to the pre-Raphaelites, who reinvigorated interests in classic British folklore in beautiful painted form, with flowing fabrics and unconventionally loose waistlines. We have imbued a sense of medieval dress in our shape design by taking bodice shapes and panelling details from armour and doublets, with gathered puff sleeves to create this iconic whimsical silhouette.

With each piece being named after a person from Arthurian legend, this collection deserves a spot in your wardrobe. But don’t wait too long, limited production means things are sure to sell out quick. But if you do find yourself missing out on this collection worry not! The Olivia Annabelle holiday collection will be dropping at the end of November and will be sure to fill the pre-Raphaelite shaped hole in your heart.


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